Phylohackathon 1/Planning Steps

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This is a (possibly growing) list of steps to be completed or considered in the planning of the hackathon. We will collect results here too.

Develop Driving Use Cases

  • Add to and evolve use-cases
  • Add use-cases that do not center on molecular evolution
    Added several such use-cases resulting from a Sep 25 brainstorming meeting among NESCent resident scientists. Brian Sidlauskas added another one in November.

Subgroup and participants determination

  • Research participants
  • Gauge interest from respective developer communities
  • Reach out to research programmers outside of the project developer communities


  • Decide on length (4 days? 5 days?)
  • Get open dates from prospective participants

Length (5 days) and time (Dec 11-15) have been set meanwhile.

IT support

  • Determine IT resources that will be needed
    • obvious: network, power, projector, screen, electrical plug adapters
    • code repository: subversion? cvs?
    • mailing list? (aside from wg-phyloinformatics)
    • wiki? (aside from this one)
  • IT logistics in advance
    • branching needed prior to hackathon for certain projects?

Non-IT Logistics

  • Managed by/through NESCent: Travel, accommodation, catering
    Information has been sent out to participants, hotel is reserved.
  • Reserve conference rooms and meeting space
    Back seminar area and possible break-out spaces have been reserved.