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Christoph Heibl

PhD Student in the Renner Lab,

University of Munich, Germany

I work on a group of endemic Oxalis (woodsorrel ) in the coastal Atacama Desert of northern Chile. Target of this DFG-founded project is the estimation of timing and colonization route of the coastal fog oasis with plants of Andean origin. A second proyect is the revision of the genus Oxalis for the "Flora of Chile"-Project (approx. 50 species). Last, I am interested in using R for phylogenetics and construction of taxonomic keys (You can have a look at my modest collection of functions at

Please excuse my absence from any discussion so far. Right now I am doing fieldwork in South Amerika and it is difficult for me to get web access. I will be back to Munich on decembre, 5th.

E-mail: heibl at lmu dot de