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* [[Phylohackathon 1/Targets|Development targets]] of the [[Phylohackathon 1|1st Phyloinformatics Hackathon]], held Dec 2006 at NESCent
* [[Phylohackathon 1/Targets|Development targets]] of the [[Phylohackathon 1|Phyloinformatics Hackathon]], held Dec 2006 at NESCent
* [[R Hackathon 1/Subgroups|Subgroups and their development targets]] of the [[R Hackathon 1|Comparative Methods in R Hackathon]], held Dec 2007 at NESCent
* [[Phyloinformatics_Summer_of_Code_2007#Accepted_Projects|Accepted projects]] for NESCent's Google Summer of Code participation in 2007

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