R PopGen Hackathon

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NESCent Hackathon on Population Genetics in R



Specific objectives

The event aims to target the following broad objectives. Participants will identify specific objectives and coding targets prior to and during the event.

  1. ...

All code and documentation from the hackathon will be made available immediately and freely to the community under an open-source (OSI-approved) license.


Participation will be arranged through an open Call for Participation.


Organizing Committee

  • Thibaut Jombart, Hilmar Lapp, Stéphanie Manel, Emmanuel Paradis, Bastian Pfeifer, Greg Warnes
  • Vince Carey, a core developer of Bioconductor, has agreed to serve in an advisory role during the planning phase of the event.


The hackathon is slated to take place March 16-20, 2015 at NESCent in Durham, North Carolina.

Organizational Activities

Detailed planning steps are outlined and documented separately. In particular, the following activities are taking place:

  • ...