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1st Teleconference 11/16/2007


  1. Welcome, review of purpose and general objectives (TJV)
  2. Outline of planning schedule ahead (HL)
  3. Priorities and subgroups so far identified (SK, BCO)
  4. Preparations (HL)
    • Lightning talks - purpose, topics, and presenters (These and bootcamps have been suggested, but have we decided to do them? Regarding lightning talks, my inclination would be for people to communicate that information (say, package overview, relevant package programming info, and package future) using the wiki: both the talks and the wiki are primarily text-based, so the info communicated could be the same, but the wiki 1) creates a permanent record of this information which we can refer to during the hackathon, 2) allows people to develop questions/start discussions over the course of weeks rather than 5 minutes, and 3) doesn't take time during the hackathon. But maybe we have decided to do lightning talks and I blocked it out? -- --Bco 14:53, 15 November 2007 (EST))

I think we should ask the participants tomorrow whether they think lightning talks and bootcamps would be useful to them or not --Sprice 15:19, 15 Nov. 07 EST

    • Bootcamps - purpose, needs, and presenters
    • Reading list - suggestions
    • Give list of functions, ideally with R-format help files, to be posted in the function spreadsheet. (Added by --Bco 14:57, 15 November 2007 (EST))
    • Converting data to internal formats using the datafiles available here, then posting this info to the wiki (Added by --Bco 15:00, 15 November 2007 (EST))
    • Other preparations we or others can facilitate or help with?
  1. Documentation & testing (SP, SK)
    • R vignette writing - who has experience, and would be willing to help train the users? Examples to draw from?
    • Collection of data for testing and validation
  2. Source code repository (or repositories) (HL)
    • Survey of current source code repository and versioning setup for participating packages
    • Assessing need for help with publicly accessible repository
    • Assessing need(s) for NESCent-run repository
    • Code branching needs
    • Other source code-related preparation needs
  3. IT logistics (HL)
    • Computers - will we need loaners?
    • Network access - will anyone need wired network?
    • File share needs
  4. Other homework?
  5. Q & A


Action Items: