R Hackathon 1/Teleconferences

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1st Teleconference 11/16/2007


  1. Welcome, review of purpose and general objectives (TJV)
  2. Outline of planning schedule ahead (HL)
  3. Priorities and subgroups so far identified (SK, BCO)
  4. Preparations (HL)
    • Lightning talks - purpose, topics, and presenters
    • Bootcamps - purpose, needs, and presenters
    • Reading list - suggestions
    • Other preparations we or others can facilitate or help with? (Converting data to internal formats using the datafiles available here -- --Bco 14:47, 15 November 2007 (EST))
  5. Documentation & testing (SP, SK)
    • R vignette writing - who has experience, and would be willing to help train the users? Examples to draw from?
    • Collection of data for testing and validation
  6. Source code repository (or repositories) (HL)
    • Survey of current source code repository and versioning setup for participating packages
    • Assessing need for help with publicly accessible repository
    • Assessing need(s) for NESCent-run repository
    • Code branching needs
    • Other source code-related preparation needs
  7. IT logistics (HL)
    • Computers - will we need loaners?
    • Network access - will anyone need wired network?
    • File share needs
  8. Other homework?
  9. Q & A


Action Items: