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At present the subgroups are hypothetical and based on what we hope for happening to further the objectives of the hackathon, and what some of us have perceived as "emerging" (whatever that means). Running up to the actual event, this will evolve into the final list of groups and their individual development targets. (Note also that up until - and possibly during - the event people might overlap between groups.)

  1. Analysis holes:
    • Participants: ?Luke Harmon, ?David Ackerly, ?Joe Felsenstein, ?Ted Garland, ?Gene Hunt, ?Aaron King, ?Dan Rabosky, ?David Orme
    • Targets: T.B.D.
  2. Visualization:
    • Participants: Peter Cowan, Thibout Jombart, Damien de Vienne
    • Targets: T.B.D.
  3. Interfacing w/ external programs or architectures:
    • Participants: Wayne Maddison, Peter Midford, Steve Kembel, Brian O'Meara
    • Targets: Mesquite interface (Maddison, Midford), CIPRES interface (Midford), external programs (Kembel, O'Meara)
  4. Interoperable data representation, standards support:
    • Participants: Emmanuel Paradis, Andrew Hipp, ?Ben Bolker, Hilmar Lapp, Luke Harmon
    • Targets: T.B.D.
      • R to/from NEXUS (presumably using NCL)
    • I think this is a main goal of the workshop we should settle early, so that any new code will not need to be re-coded and all can help craft the standard. A subgroup can then work on converting existing packages or creating a conversion function/package ----Bco 16:39, 15 November 2007 (EST)
  5. Clocking trees:
    • Participants: Peter Waddell, ?David Swofford, ?Chuck Bell
    • Targets: T.B.D.
  6. Documentation and testing:
    • Participants: Sam Price, Amy Zanne, Mike Alfaro, Stacey Smith, Brian Sidlauskas
    • Targets: T.B.D.