R Hackathon 1/Planning Steps

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IT resources & setup

  1. Supporting software & resources
    • Mailing list Done (wg-rhack1, all participants subscribed).
    • Source code repository
      • Dedicated repository on Google Code or Sourceforge? (or RForge or R-Forge (Yes, they're actually different) --Bco 14:42, 28 November 2007 (EST))
      • Help needed by participating packages needed to move to cvs or svn?
      • Do participating packages need to branch prior to hackathon?
      • svn repository on NESCent server needed?
    • File share Done. URL: https://webdav.nescent.org/rhack1
  2. Hardware
    • Loaners needed? Not yet. Reminder sent.
    • Wired network needed? Not yet. Reminder sent.
    • More wireless access points needed?
    • Power strips
    • Projector, screen, whiteboards, flip charts

Preparing for the event

  • Achieve consensus list of prioritized goals
  • Develop agenda
  • Determine preliminary subgroups
  • Items to be prepared by participants
    • Lightning or other presentations - which ones are useful, what scope, who are the presenters?
    • Package-specific information to be compiled on the wiki - overview, relevant programming info, and future goals
    • Bootcamps - which ones are needed?
  • Documentation & testing
    • Determine prior reading (R vignette howto), training, and setup needed
    • Collect data sets for testing/validation

Reading and book list

We have started to tag references for reading material using the tag rhack1 on Connotea. Anyone is welcome to add references to this list using this tag.