R Hackathon 1/Planning Steps

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IT resources & setup

  1. Supporting software & resources
    • Mailing list Done (wg-rhack1, all participants subscribed).
    • Source code repository
      • Dedicated repository on Google Code or Sourceforge?
      • Help needed by participating packages needed to move to cvs or svn?
      • Do participating packages need to branch prior to hackathon?
      • svn repository on NESCent server needed?
    • File share Done. URL: https://webdav.nescent.org/rhack1
  2. Hardware
    • Loaners needed? Not yet. Reminder sent.
    • Wired network needed? Not yet. Reminder sent.
    • More wireless access points needed?
    • Power strips
    • Projector, screen, whiteboards, flip charts

Preparing for the event

  • Achieve consensus list of prioritized goals
  • Develop agenda
  • Determine preliminary subgroups
  • Items to be prepared by participants
    • Lightning or other presentations - which ones are useful, what scope, who are the presenters?
    • Package-specific information to be compiled on the wiki - overview, relevant programming info, and future goals
    • Bootcamps - which ones are needed?
  • Documentation & testing
    • Determine prior reading (R vignette howto), training, and setup needed
    • Collect data sets for testing/validation

Reading and book list