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The individuals marked in bold are members of the organizing group. For more information about each participant's background, affiliations, and motivation click the participant's name.

Participant Institution Email Subgroup
David Ackerly UC Berkeley dackerly@berkeley.edu
Ben Bolker University of Florida bolker@zoo.ufl.edu
Marguerite Butler University of Hawaii mbutler@hawaii.edu
Peter Cowan UC Berkeley pdc@berkeley.edu
Joe Felsenstein University of Washington joe@gs.washington.edu
Ted Garland UC Riverside tgarland@citrus.ucr.edu
Rich Grenyer Imperial College London grenyer@imperial.ac.uk
Luke Harmon University of Idaho lukeh@uidaho.edu
Mark Holder University of Kansas mtholder@ku.edu
Gene Hunt Smithsonian Institution hunte@si.edu
Steve Kembel UC Berkeley skembel@berkeley.edu
Hilmar Lapp NESCent hlapp@nescent.org
Wayne Maddison University of British Coiumbia wmaddisn@interchange.ubc.ca
Peter Midford University of Kansas peteremidford@yahoo.com
Brian O'Meara NESCent bcomeara@ucdavis.edu
David Orme Imperial College London d.orme@ic.ac.uk
Emmanuel Paradis Research Institute for Development Emmanuel.Paradis@mpl.ird.fr
Sam Price NESCent sprice@nescent.org
Dan Rabosky Cornell DLR32@cornell.edu
Dave Swofford Duke University david.swofford@nescent.org
Jombart Thibout University of Lyon jombart@biomserv.univ-lyon1.fr
Todd Vision NESCent tjv@nescent.org
Amy Zanne NESCent aezanne@gmail.com