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* [http://chem-bla-ics.blogspot.com/ Egon Willighagen]
* [http://chem-bla-ics.blogspot.com/ Egon Willighagen]
* [http://dambe.bio.uottawa.ca/ Xuhua Xia]
* [http://dambe.bio.uottawa.ca/ Xuhua Xia]
* [http://evo-devo-genomics.blogspot.com/ Christian Zmasek]
* [http://www.linkedin.com/in/cmzmasek Christian Zmasek]

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Blue = participants; yellow = mentors; red = both
NESCent has participated in the Google Summer of Code every year since 2007. We are one of the so-called umbrella organizations, which means that our participation includes many different open-source programming projects. All of our projects are related to computational evolutionary biology, but use a wide variety of programming languages. Our mentors are a diverse bunch, both geographically and demographically, and our lists of mentors changes quite a bit from year to year.

This map shows the distribution of Phyloinformatics Summer of Code mentors and participants for years 2007 - 2011. Blue dots are participants, yellow are mentors, and red are folks who started as participants and then mentored for us in subsequent years.

We are applying to the 2014 Google Summer of Code. Our list of project ideas is on our 2014 Phyloinformatics page.

2014 potential mentors

If you are interesting in being a mentor or co-mentor for the 2014 PhyloSoC, add your name to this list along with contact info, photo, github page, twitter handle, etc.

2013 mentors

2012 mentors

Mentors from previous years