Phyloinformatics Summer of Code 2009/Participants

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The NESCent participants in the 2009 Google Summer of Code:

Student Affiliation Email Project Mentors (primary in bold)
Daniel Ayres University of Maryland GPU acceleration for phylogenetic inference using OpenCL Aaron Darling; Marc Suchard
Kasia Hayden Bennington College Build a Mesquite Package to view Phenex-generated Nexml files Peter Midford
Diana Jaunzeikare Smith College Implementing phyloXML support in BioRuby Chris Zmasek; Pjotr Prins
Dazhi Jiao Indiana University Enhance the searching functionality of Phylr Ryan Scherle
Nick Matzke UC Berkeley Biogeographical Phylogenetics for BioPython Stephen Smith
Chase Miller George Washington University BioPerl integration of the NeXML exchange standard and Bio::Phylo toolkit Mark Jensen; Rutger Vos
Xin (David) Shuai Indiana University A BioLib mapping for the libseqence population genetic libraries

Chris Fields; Pjotr Prins; Mark Jensen

Adam Smith UW Madison Mapping the Bio++ Phylogenetics toolkit to R/BioConductor and BioJAVA using BioLib Pjotr Prins
Eric Talevich UGA Biopython support for parsing and writing phyloXML Brad Chapman