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We are applying to the Google Summer of Code (GSoC) program for the first time this year. On this page we are collecting ideas, possible projects, prerequisites, possible solution approaches, mentors, other people or channels to contact for more information or to bounce ideas off of, etc


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What should prospective students know?

Reference Facts & Links

Projects involved

Bio* projects 
The umbrella organization for the Bio* projects is the Open Bioinformatics Foundation (O|B|F). O|B|F is governed by a Board of Directors, organizes the Bioinformatics Open Source Conference (BOSC) on an annual basis since 2001, and provides hardware and system administration for the member projects.
The individual member projects are BioPerl, Biojava, Biopython, Bioruby, and BioSQL. Except for the latter, which provides a generic schema for certain life science data types, each of these projects represents the largest and most widely used toolkit in its language in the life sciences.
Perl Bio
: projects : Bio::NEXUS is the only Level-III compliant parser of the NEXUS file format for phylogenetic data. Bio::CDAT is <please fill in here>. Bio::Phylo is <please fill in here>.
CIPRES project 
please fill in here; is this participating in the PhySoC program?

Google Summer of Code